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Huawei Remote service is an application that helps users locate and solve problems with their mobile devices by offering a hotline and message based contact to helpdesk. The application will collect and manage user equipment problems. The following information will be collected and stored  in order to provide remote instruction or remote re-setting service:

- Data about you (name - full or real name not required,  phone number, E-mail address,text chatting record with Huawei hotline agent)

- Data about the equipment you are using  (IMEI ,MAC, equipment model, equipment screen information)

- Internet connection or telephone network related data (network type, network traffic)

- Personal data that you provide (equipment problem information, equipment problem screenshot, your authorization information)

If you are located in EU Member States  , your data will be stored in the EU, you will be connected with  a hotline site located in Germany, Romania, Sweden, or Hungary. You can close the application to terminate data collection and upload.

1. The Huawei remote service application is free. It will require a network connection.  If your network connection is via a mobile network, the connection may result in network traffic costs depending on your data plan.

2. When providing the remote service, the hotline agent can see your equipment screen. Hotline agents can also control the user equipment to diagnose or solve problems after your authorization.  You may terminate the hotline agent`s operation and control at any time.
3. You can lock the screen to stop the hotline agent from viewing your user equipment  screen at any time.

4. To ensure the follow-up of the service and traceability, as well as to enhance the quality of service, your personal data will be saved for 6 months, and then deleted.

By touching Agree, you agree to the Remote service Terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have read the Huawei Privacy Policy, which includes information about your data subject rights.

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